, welcome to your trickster hub

Congratulations on becoming a Dragon Hockey sponsored trickster - Development Level! Below you will find your exclusive discounts and more about the team and your opportunities!

Discount off our products

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Indoor sticks and sale items are excluded from discounts

Other Development benefits

personalised guidance

No player is the same, so why should the advice be! We'll analyse your game and give advice on how to develop on and off the pitch.

Part of a team

You'll be in constant communication with players from the trickster team so you can share tips and styles.

Social media exposure

Our aim is to make your name and tricks known around the world! We'll utilise our social media and sponsors to continuously engage new people.

Creating eye catching videos

A major part of being a successful trickster goes further than complex tricks. When creating a video, think about these factors and adding your own style to it!

  • Music matching the tempo of the video
  • Filming quality
  • Clothing choice. We would prefer if you wear dragon clothing as it makes you look professional and shows you're part of the team!
  • Linking to tricks that can be used on the pitch
  • Variety of videos - Skill / fitness / gym / training. Have fun with your videos and stand out!

Reaching the next level

We try and make moving to Bronze Level an easy task, we will help in any way we can!

  • Number of followers / influence
  • Skill level
  • Frequency / quality of social posting

Tips and ideas to help you grow

  • Share and support other trickster videos
  • Collaborate for new content and live videos
  • Use our equipment on and off the pitch
  • Get other tricksters to join Dragon Hockey

Additional Offers from our partners

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