Dragon Hockey Reviews

Dragon Hockey Reviews

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Nemesis 70
Joseph Baker
Nemesis 70

What an amazing hockey stick. It’s got the power, the skill and the Ariel ability. It’s a lot thicker then I am use to with a chunky grip however I am more then happy to give it time as I have seen an improvement in my ability in the pitch.

Dragon base layer

Great purchase. Comfortable to wear, regulates body temperature and avoids elbow skuffs.

This bag is definitely one of the best hockey bags I have ever owned. Such a good quality product!

Hockey Shinpads
Sharon Reynolds

Very happy with the shin pads very good quality and excellent price.

Nemesis 70
Axel Black
Forwards prospective

Great overall stick low bow really helps with getting power and a bit of lift to the ball! Stick feels firm and comfortable in hands and so agile.

Nemesis 100
Luke Hogwood
Nemesis 100

So after been sponsored by dragon hockey I decided to go for the nemesis 100 this stick is something else from the pick up point to the hitting of the ball the grip is very Comfortable and is no vibration the 3d skills are great would highly recommend this stick to any one looking for a new stick

Cerberus GK 70
Marco Gregori

Cerberus GK 70

Hyperion LB 80
Alex Jarvis
Hyperion LB80

Having just played by first game with this stick I can definitely say I’m pretty amazed, light and easy to handle, very nice grip. I just need to get used to the amount of power behind it, even the lightest of taps seems to boot the ball across the pitch, looking forward to getting used to this stick! 5/5

Calf compression socks

Very easy to put in and very comfortable

Force - 90% Carbon
Teah Petrova
grip and vibrations

It takes a while to get used to this stick. The grip isn t big enough or thick enough as hard hits leads to painful vibrations. Doesn t feel as flexible as other sticks, still deciding if its good for me or not...

Hockey Shinpads
Stanley Dey

Hockey Shinpads

Flash - 80% Carbon
Evelyn Ferris

This stick is fenomenal and definitely worth the money

Phoenix XLB 90
Sean Norza

The stick is lovely. Definitely looks great. Incredibly light and the power is outstanding. If your looking for a stick to take your hockey to the next level this will 100% help you.

Nucleus 85
Ashleigh Espinosa
Amazing field hockey stick

My 14 year old daughter absolutely loves this stick. It is her new prize possession!

Chimera MB 90
Rob Fielder
Dragon Chimera MB90

I've played Ritual for years now and love them, but thought I'd give the Dragon Chimera MB90 a whirl. First thoughts.. It's hard and that 90% carbon hurts for a while until you get used to it and find the sweet spot. Once you do, it roars like a hurricane as it launces from the stick face. The power is very impressive. The toe is thicker than Ritual and although as a defender, I don't really do 3D skills, I do like to jinx the ball over the odd stick when working the ball out from the D or going on a surprise nosebleed run up pitch. Personally, that thicker toe does make that a little more difficult to execute and after just 2 training sessions and 3 matches, it looks like I've had the stick for about 3 seasons. That said, the power this stick affords gives you a lot of confidence behind the ball, especially for defenders who are looking to distribute and clear those balls from the danger zone when under pressure.
Have I become a convert? Honestly, I don't think so. I just love the silky feel that my current stick gives on a first touch and I know exactly how it will behave in any given situation. That said, the Dragon will remain in the bag and unshackled to burn those mighty foes who have oppressed us in battles past!

Daughter loves it

Stick is perfect for a young player starting to up her game. Slim handle and 20% carbon lend to a lighter and easier to handle stick.

Really good

Plenty of space.

Nucleus 85
S Khan
Nucleus 85 review

Amazing stick, excellent grip almost no vibration when hitting and there is a ocean full of power on that thing

Impact - 100% Carbon

Shinpads, Glove, Bag Bundle
Samuel Meneghelli

Shinpads, Glove, Bag Bundle

Hyperion LB 70
Melissa Hopkins
Love it

Two training sessions in and I think I'm in love. Such a lovely stick, would highly recommend.

Good size slots of pockets

Well made and a good size to get the Hockey kit in and enough pockets so items are not lost at the bottom of the bag. Would buy again.

Hockey Glove
Jack Walton
Hockey glove

The glove is fine however I do prefer a full glove, I use this one as a spare. Nothing wrong with the glove if you want protection. Size is a true fit.

Chimera MB 90
Steve Olliver
Fantastic Stick

I have been concerned about a new buying a stick. This one is fantastic with great touch and power.