Movement Pro Hockey Stick Bag


Our limited edition Pro Movement hockey stick bag comes packed full of goodies. Dual internal compartments allow for large volumes of kit to be separated, so you can keep your smelly stuff away from your clean. Additional external pockets and meshes allow your smaller items, as well as your shin pads and water bottles, to be tucked away.

When it comes to bag material every hockey player wants something that’s waterproof and durable, and our specially constructed material repels water and keeps any rips at bay. Not only that, but the base of the bag has been re-enforced with ultra durable material, as we all know that’s where bags wear and tear the most.

The Dragon Pro Movement Hockey Stick bag has our unique Aztec foam backing which significantly improves comfort when carrying a heavy load, and enhances sweat wicking too.

The Pro Movement hockey stick bag has been designed by hockey players, for hockey players and is one of the toughest on the market. It won’t let you down.

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