Phoenix XLB 100 – Subscription


Phoenix XLB 100 has been perfectly tuned to the skilled hockey player’s needs, it combines the power, balance and flexibility to deliver a dynamic hockey stick. Whilst the extreme low bow is perfect for practicing 3D skills, aerials and drag-flicking.

The subscription service allows you to pay £40 up front, and then just £11.99 a month. In return, you’ll be able to choose any of our hockey sticks to be sent to you every year.

The subscription will last for a minimum of 12 months and will continue until you tell us to cancel. We will contact you near to when your year is up to see which stick you would like next. You can read more details about the subscription or the terms and conditions.

Choose your stick size below and take advantage of the world’s first and only hockey stick subscription. That’s why we’re the fastest growing hockey brand in Europe.

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