Hockey Trickster Sponsorship

Dragon Hockey are looking to offer hockey sponsorship to join our team of highly skilled tricksters from all around the world. We're looking for players of all abilities to grow the trickster community as well as promote the Dragon Hockey Brand. We support tricksters by offering them exclusive benefits, social exposure and individual guidance for development.

If you would like to be on our sponsorship program, please fill in the form below and we'll be in touch.

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Hockey Tricksters Sponsorship Benefits

Equipment discount

Depending on your situation, we could offer you between 15-100% discount on our hockey equipment.

Increased Social Exposure

We will use all of our social media channels to show all of our sponsors and the developing talent! We will share any videos you take that show our equipment with a positive lifestyle.

Hockey career progression

A key part of progressing your career is not only playing well, but being taken seriously, and having a brand like Dragon Hockey to back your corner, we'll be sure to help you put your name on the map.

Part of a team

Being sponsored by Dragon brings you into a team of similar minded and focused athletes, with each player brining their own style and passion. A great trickster is all about creativity, so if you ever want advice or inspiration, we'll do our best to guide you in the best direction.

Individual Guidance

No athlete is the same, which is why we give personalised advice about a specific area ranging from social media development to off season training.

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different nationalities sponsored with dragon

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Applying to become a sponsored Trickster

  • Apply online

    Complete the form below with as much information you can give us

  • Application reviewed

    Our tricksters team will read every application we receive and will make a decision based on the information you provide

  • Approved Trickster

    You’ll have your own personal login to our website. Giving you access to exclusive offers, discounts and updated information about your sponsorship

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