Inca 100 (Grooved)


INCA 100 (Grooved)


We proudly present the Inca, a revolutionary field hockey stick for players seeking an unparalleled boost in performance. Crafted with a formidable 100% carbon composition, the Inca is engineered to deliver exceptional power and precision on the field, making it the ultimate choice for elite athletes.

FORGED carbon technology, used in INCA, is a high-tech material created by compressing chopped fibers and resin. This enhances strength, durability, and power transfer, resulting in lighter, more powerful, and responsive hockey sticks, giving players a decisive edge on the pitch.

Designed for drag flicking and advanced skills, the Inca features an innovative concave groove on the face of the stick. This unique design element keeps the ball securely in position, allowing for precise, powerful drag flicks and shots. The shape and balance of the stick provide the perfect combination of power and finesse, enabling you to dominate every aspect of your game.

With the Inca in your hands, you’ll experience unparalleled confidence on the field, transforming your performance and leaving your opponents in awe. Elevate your game with the Inca – where cutting-edge technology meets raw power, and your hockey journey reaches new heights. Dominate the field like never before and make your mark with the ultimate weapon in your arsenal. Are you ready to unleash the power of the Inca?

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520 - 535g

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FORGED carbon is a cutting-edge composite material that revolutionises the performance and durability of hockey sticks. Unlike traditional carbon fiber, which is woven and layered, FORGED carbon is produced by compressing chopped fibers and resin under high pressure, creating a material with superior strength and consistency.
This innovative technology enhances the stick's structural integrity, providing exceptional power transfer and responsiveness. The result is a hockey stick that is not only lighter and more durable but also capable of delivering more powerful shots and precise control. With FORGED carbon technology, players can experience unmatched performance, giving them a decisive edge on the pitch.


Dragon hockey sticks utilise advanced computer modelling and gravitational dynamics to create a series of moulds which combine strength and power in a stick like no other. The lightweight feel makes it a breeze to play with, while our refined head keeps it thin for fast skills.
The carbon composition and layup push the boundaries of stick manufacturing – putting it at the forefront of stick fabrication. If you're a player that demands nothing less than the best in class then look no further.


Dragon sticks feature the latest in AeroCarbon bonding, which, during the manufacturing process creates microscopic honeycomb structures in the carbon - increasing strength, but more importantly reducing weight.


Our unique featherweight design helps players move around the pitch quickly. Enabling fast paced action and dynamic skills.

Touch compound

A player's touch can make all the difference. Dragon sticks come with a sand paper like compound on the lower face of the stick. This increases the friction between ball and stick.

Bar based core

Dragon sticks come with a bar based core which stabilises its chassis and ensures a solid connection when striking the ball.

3k Carbon

The true strength of a hockey stick comes from its composition and weave. Dragon's 3k carbon weave is one of the most advanced on the market, ensuring maximum tensile strength for increased stick durability.

Foam undergrip

Our foam under-grip has been designed to reduce vibrations, and improve the player's feel when striking a ball.

30 day trial and 12 months warranty

We're so convinced you'll love our sticks we’ll even let you try them for 30 days. Just use them as you would with any hockey equipment and if you're not 100% satisfied, you can send them back for a full refund. You'll also get a 12 months warranty after your trial period.

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