Hockey sponsorship

Dragon Hockey are looking to offer a hockey sponsorship to join our Ambassador program. We're looking for Ambassadors who are not only playing at a high standard of hockey, but also are willing to help promote the Dragon Hockey brand.

If you would like to be on our ambassador program, please fill in the form below and we'll be in touch.

Hockey Sponsorship Benefits

Equipment discount

Depending on your situation, we could offer you between 15-100% discount on our hockey equipment.

Increased social exposure

We want to use social media to tell others about the great people that we sponsor. We will repost, or upload any pictures that you take of our equipment.

Hockey Career progression

A key part of progressing your career is not only playing well, but being taken seriously, and having a brand like Dragon Hockey to back your corner, we'll be sure to help you put your name on the map.

Part of a team

Being sponsored by Dragon Hockey means you're part of our extended team. If you ever need advice on your game, or want to put in contact with other people who could help, we'll do our best to help you on your journey

International sponsors and ambassadors



Great Britain

Attacking Midfield

Lizzie Murphy



Ioan Wall

Great Britain

Full back

Hockey sponsorship – Ambassador program

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