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90% carbon

Force – 90% Carbon

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515 - 535g

Bow position

225mm (Low Bow)



Balance Point

Finely honed for outstanding versatility

Force has been meticulously crafted for all-round optimal performance. Perfectly balanced between raw power and flexible gameplay, Force offers you a feeling like no other. Fast hands, power hungry shots, or big tackles, Force can handle it all.



Dragon’s Movement Series has been specifically designed to improve on-pitch versatility and stick skill dynamism. Advanced computer modelling and gravitational dynamics has helped us deliver a stick like no other.

A 45-degree angled toe reduces friction between stick and ground, ensuring power is firmly focused on the ball. Our flattened-head mould not only removes unnecessary weight, but keeps the stick closer to the ground for reverse stick shots. This coupled with its low bow curve makes it ideal for players who utilise a broad range of skills across the pitch.

Ahead of the curve

Velocity’s AeroCarbon bonding utilises world leading technology to significantly increase tensile strength, this coupled with its precision engineered bar-based core combines both power and weight saving advancements.

Every aspect of the Velocity has been an evolution of hockey brilliance, from its slimline blade, to its all-weather lightweight material grip, a friction reducing head, and a touch control compound, all combine to make a world beating range of sticks.


Dragon's Velocity comes with the most advanced technology available. From flattened heads for improved 3D skills, to our unique AeroCarbon bonding and foam under-grip handles. We work hard off the pitch, so you can be your best on the pitch.


Dragon sticks feature the latest in AeroCarbon bonding, which, during the manufacturing process creates microscopic honeycomb structures in the carbon - increasing strength, but more importantly reducing weight.

Flat-head (3D)

The Movement series has a unique head shape to improve 3D skills. The flattened head allows players to get under the ball more easily, ensuring quicker lifting opportunities.

Touch Compound

A player's touch can make all the difference. Dragon sticks come with a sand paper like compound on the lower face of the stick. This increases the friction between ball and stick.

Bar based core

All Movement Series sticks use our latest bar-based technology. This provides extreme internal strength and gives our sticks the additional power you don't find anywhere else.

3k carbon weave

The true strength of a hockey stick comes from its composition and weave. Dragon's 3k carbon weave is one of the most advanced on the market, ensuring maximum tensile strength for increased stick durability.

Foam under-grip

Our foam under-grip has been designed to reduce vibrations, and improve the player's feel when striking a ball.

30 day promise

We're so convinced you'll love our sticks we’ll even let you try them for 30 days. Just use them as you would with any hockey equipment and if you're not 100% satisfied, you can send them back for a full refund - no fees, no hidden charges.
30 day promise

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