Fire Hockey Stick – 75% Carbon


Fire is built for the elite player who demands the perfect blend of touch and power. Made from 75% carbon, this stick is perfectly suited for those who like more feedback from their touch. Our I-core shaft technology helps to increase power transfer, and our control compound material on the head of the stick will help to improve your touch.

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Stick specifications

I-core technology

Interwoven 12k carbon

Touch compound

Featherweight design

Our 30 day promise

We spend over 500 hours a year on the hockey pitch, training and playing to be the best we can be. So we know that when it comes to the all important moment, you need to put your confidence in a brand you can trust.

We're so convinced that you'll love our products that we’ll even let you try them for 30 days. Just use them as you would with any hockey equipment and if you're not 100% satisfied, you can send them back for a full refund - no fees, no hidden charges.

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  1. Andrew McNamee

    Allena Ornate (store manager)

    Great quality and cool looking design.

  2. Andrew McNamee

    Fred Davey (store manager)

    What a stick. This is great. Thanks Dragon.

  3. Andrew McNamee

    Sharlene Davies (store manager)

    Looks quality! Can’t wait to use it out on the pitch.

  4. Andrew McNamee

    Laureen Macdonald (store manager)

    The first time I used the Fire, I roofed the ball into the goal. I couldn’t believe it. My mates are all going to buy Dragon too

  5. Andrew McNamee

    Mariah Mcdonald (store manager)

    Quality stick for 3D skills. Love it

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