Best Hockey Sticks for Midfielders

Best Hockey Sticks for Midfielders

Dominant, visionary and controlling - you need a stick which allows you to command the game.


As a midfielder you're the workhorse of the team. One minute you're making a last ditch tackle, the next you're putting a dream pass through for your forward to score. This means the best hockey stick for you will is one which allows you to adapt to a variety of situations. A stick which can not only stop a forward dead in their tracks, but also allows you to command the pitch. Our Low Bow moulds provide you with the perfect blend of being able to quickly execute skills, and help you keep the basics nice and strong.


Stick length is usually dictated by your height, and being a midfielder your game needs to be extremely adaptable. If you're on the border of a stick height, then one consideration to keep in mind is a longer stick will add more reach for a defender, but a slightly shorter one will make you more nimble and quicker to execute skills.


Weight tends to be less of a factor these days, but the best hockey midfielders do generally need a stick which is slightly lighter. This keeps you light on your feet and gives you more endurance for the game. The last thing you need is a heavy stick when you're running up and down the pitch. 


Every player enjoys putting the ball past the keeper in the top corner, but when considering power, you also need to consider your match day playing style. The difference in power is determined by the amount of carbon which is in the stick. More carbon = more power, but carbon is an expensive resource, and therefore, more carbon = more expensive.

The key points to consider here are:

  • If your playing style involves hitting the ball hard across the pitch, or at goal, then more power will certainly help.

  • If you're more of a playmaker, and move the ball well around the pitch, then you may not need the extra power.

Generally though, the level of carbon you have in a stick is quite often determined by your budget. If you are on a budget, then consider the other options in this article first, and go from there.

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