Best Hockey Sticks for Defenders

Best Hockey Sticks for Forwards

Fast, skilful and dynamic - you need a stick which will help to eliminate even the best of defenders.

Fast, skilful and dynamic - you need a stick which will help to eliminate even the best of defenders.


As a forward you will usually find yourself in positions where you’re either outnumbered, or one on one. For this reason, owning a stick which will help you with your general hockey skills is probably one of the most important points to consider when choosing the best hockey stick for you. 3D skills are generally easier to perform if you can get under the ball, and so sticks which have an Extreme Low Bow Mould are going to be most suited to you. In addition, sticks which are lightweight in construction will not only help you move quickly, but allow for faster hands to be able to beat your opposing player.

Tip: Dragon’s AeroCarbon tech means our hockey sticks construction are some of the lightest in the industry, and yet some of the most powerful too.


While stick length is usually dictated by your height, being a forward, you should try to err on the side of shorter is better. A shorter stick will naturally be lighter, and will most definitely be more manoeuvrable so you can use those fast hands. However, going too short could make life difficult for you. The best way to think of it is if you’re on the boundary of a size, then go for the smaller option.


Just like a great football striker, the best hockey forwards can score from both sides of their body. So, the best hockey sticks for forwards offer strong reverse stick sides, which will ensure your stick lasts for longer. Also, look for a hockey stick mould which has a thinner profile - allowing you to get under the ball more and hit the top corners of the goal.

Tip: Dragon’s Extreme Low Bow (XLB) sticks come with reinforced reverse stick backhands and a slimmer profile. Making them more powerful for those all important Tomahawks, as well as easier to execute


While weight isn’t as much of a factor these days, the best hockey forwards do generally need a stick which lighter. This keeps your hands hands fast and quick on the pitch too. As mentioned above, the best way to do this is to aim for a shorter stick, but also be conscious of how many grips you put on your stick. This not only adds to the weight, but can also change the balance of it too.


Every forward dreams of hitting the ball from the top of the D and beating the keeper in the top corner of the goal. To achieve this, you’ll need a stick which offers extreme power. The difference in power is determined by the amount of carbon which is in the stick, and therefore, the price. More carbon = more expensive stick. If you can afford a high carbon percentage stick, then great, but if you’re limited by your budget, then make sure you consider the above points first.

Tip: Dragon sticks feature the latest in AeroCarbon bonding, which, during the manufacturing process creates microscopic honeycomb structures in the carbon - increasing strength, but more importantly reducing weight.

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